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      My doctor referred to my report of increasing, ummmm, “recovery” time as “reluctance”, though I protested the inferred lack of willingness!
      Well the clapper springs on my old Am Bell Foundry 24 incher are showing their age…and reluctance.
      Hey, I gave ’em new Italian leather pads (it’s what I had in my leather inventory), and rotated the bell to strike a different area, but they just could not resist the second clapper stroke on the rebound, that is, they were not stiff enough to do the job the second time around.
      I checked with the local pharmacy, and Target, but no replacement clapper springs were to be found, and certainly no one carries clapper spring restraints!!
      With age comes reluctance, but also some wisdom and willingness to compromise… I made my own restraints!
      As with me, bound with three metal stents to keep me pumpin’, I wired up my old bell, and also like me, not an aesthetic improvement, but functionally…TaaaDaaa!
      They work great, and now I have no fear of breaking something while swinging…. my bell that is!

      (If you know of replacement springs, alternate restraints, or more accurate leather pad construction, please advise!!!!!)
      Photographic evidence:

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      Carolyn Whitlock

      Very clever! Thanks for sharing!


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      Carolyn, I can say without reluctance, I am happy to share, and grateful to those that also share the joy of bells!
      A good deal of my bell knowledge is gained right here! Thank You!

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      An update, 9 months later…
      I mistakenly sold this bell, not appreciating its value, though in doing so, could then afford to add three permanent members to the collection.
      An avid collector advised me early on; to not become too attached to any one bell.
      I understand his point… but he also declined my offer to buy back this bell…. 😆
      All of life is compromises, which ones we accept, and when, defines us. I’m a bell collector, I admit it!

      Since that bell, I have come to witness several examples of clapper spring leathers, and now have a better appreciation of their correct design!
      The narrow gap in the rivets on this bell’s springs, led me to believe a thinner material was used. But the blocks of thick leather I have seen since my installation were thick and durable with rivets compressing the leather deeply.
      While my version works to silence the rod click on the spring, it would wear out in a week or two of regular use!
      I have also learned how to ring a bell without clapper springs, and avoid the secondary strike and still produce a nice loud and clear ring!
      I admit it, I am a bell collector!!!! 😀

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