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      Viewers who collect table bells may wish to view a recent auction in Germany, 67 Sommer-Auktion 2010.

      In the column to the left, pull down the arrow under Suchen, select Slg Tischglocken, then press Suchen. This will display the listing for 65 table bells, with reserve price and hammer price shown for each. A few of the prices are more than I would care to pay, but many seem to be great bargains for items of this quality. Apparently the auction was not well advertised and the result was relatively low prices.

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      It is really worth your time to go looking at these bells! If you have tried and weren’t able to find the bells, please click on this link:


      Scroll down past the clocks until you come to lot #2000. If you click on the picture of the bells, it will enlarge and show the bell with beautiful detail. You will see a description of the bell(s) written in German. Some of these pictures have a Google Translator built into the page where all you have to do is click on “Google Translation” and it will come up in English.

      If there is no link to the Google Translator, here’s what to do:

      1. Click and drag your cursor over the German words. Copy the words. They will now be held on your computer’s clipboard.
      2. Open a new window in your browser. Go to http://www.google.com. Type in “Google Translate.”
      3. Click on “Language Tools.”
      4. In the box beneath the words “Translate Text”, paste the German text (it should still be on your clipboard and will magically appear in the text box when you do a “command-paste” or “file-paste”).
      5. Choose “German” in the first box and “English” in the second box. Click on “Translate.”
      6. Voila! Your translation should appear below.

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