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      I just received am #3 clapper from Prindle Station and it appears to be 1″ short. So I am asking if you or others in maybe Big Bells forum let me know the length of their #3 bells. When I measure from the edge of the bell up, looking at the “Flat/dents” from the missing former clapper, it measures 2 1/2″ This would make the old clapper 10″ in length and my new clapper is 9″. I just want confirmation, prior to contacting Prindle Station. They seem like very nice folks but I want to verify first. Thank you for the assist. I couldn’t figure out how to send this to Big Bells Forum…

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      How is the clapper attached to the bell? If you have to use a chain link, wont this make up the missing inch? I am really asking as I don’t know.

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      Neil Goeppinger

      If you will feel with one hand inside the bell and one hand on the outside of the bell moving your hands upward from the lip of the mouth toward the top of the bell, just a little ways above that lip you will find the thickest part of the bell. This is called the “sound bow” and this is where the clapper is supposed to strike. I assume that is where the wear spots are on your bell. If Prindle Station doesn’t make a clapper that is just the right size, go to a welding shop and have them cut the rod a little ways above the ball of the clapper, grind a bevel on both cut ends, then cut a length of rod from some other steel stock the length you need to extend the rod, bevel both ends of it, weld it in both places then grind it smooth. It should show very little if they do a good job and you repaint it. Besides, who looks at the rod above the ball of the clapper inside the bell anyway. I’ve done this several times and it works fine. It’s easier, of course, if it is too long as then you just cut out what you don’t need to shorten the rod and make one weld. You can’t do this with a bronze bell clapper, or at least not easily, because they are made differently.

      You asked what length a clapper should be for a #3 bell. That varied from one bell maker to another as there was no standard for size. At some firms their #1 was their largest dinner bell, and for others it was their smallest. Since most made four sizes, for some their #3 was around 16″ in diameter and for others it was around 14″, so the clappers were in different lengths. Have fun. Been there done that. — Neil

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