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      I am looking for any information about a C.S Bell # 3 1/2. It is 19 1/2″ in diameter at the base, 13″ in height. Any info as to age is greatly appreciated. I know it is old and maybe one of the first produced by C.S Bell. I checked with Prindle Station, I was advise they may have something in old catalogs. I haven’t been able to find anything online about this bell.

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      CS Bell Hillsboro O. was used on the first bells in 1875 until about 1882. Your bell dates toward the end of this period because the earliest bells were a different design (see next post for photos). The design changed a third time in the mid 1880’s to what is most commonly seen today.

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      thanks for your info.
      Is 3 1/2 an unusal size?

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      Must be. I’ve never seen another half-size Hillsboro bell. This probably didn’t last long once they realized so many sizes weren’t necessary.

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      John E. has responded to Tabitha. Here is the information he gave her:

      According to a 1910 catalog on CS Bell Company, a #3 1/2 is a Farm Bell 21″ in diameter, 100 lbs., Costing $12. in 1910 (about three weeks wages).

      CS Bell Co. made five sizes of Farm Bells:
      #1 15″ 40 lbs 1910 price $4.
      #2 17″ 50 lbs 1910 price $5.
      #3 19″ 75 lbs. 1910 price $7.50
      #3 1/2″ 21″ 100 lbs. 1910 price $12.
      #4 21″ 100 lbs. 1910 price $10.

      Note that the diameter listed is the diameter of the mold; iron shrinks upon casting, so the final actual diameter would be smaller that the mold.

      CS Bell Co. marketed through Sears Roebuck & Co. and was the most prolific cast iron bell foundry. The foundry stopped producing bells for WWII, around 1939, and officially closed 1950. Your bell is at least 70 years old.

      I have been buying & selling bells for 20 years; Farm Bell #1 & #2 are very common, however in 20 years I have never seen a #3 1/2 bell …. you have a rare bell.

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      Ok I found out that this bell is between 1875 and 1882. CS Bell was prior to 1882. After his son joined the name changed to C.S. Bell and Company.

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