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      [attachment=0:olzcfr50]Bell3.jpg[/attachment:olzcfr50][attachment=1:olzcfr50]Bell2.jpg[/attachment:olzcfr50][attachment=2:olzcfr50]Bell1.jpg[/attachment:olzcfr50]Note: This posting includes additional information. – Admin

      I found a large bell in a consignment store and just had to have it. I didn’t know how old it was as I couldn’t find any information on it at the time. So I “restored” it. Now that I know a little more about it, maybe I shouldn’t have. It was heavily rusted but not flaking, several chunks missing on the upper and lower supports. Clapper is heavily rusted – moreso that the rest of the bell – but still hangable. In order to remove the bell from the supports, I had to cut the original eye bolt. It was replaced by a new galvanized eyebolt. I’m also making a proper pedestal for it. Any information on this bell would be welcome!

      Diameter: 17.25″
      Height” 10″
      Material: Cast Iron

      Dan in NC

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      The Rankins-Snyder Hardware Company, Louisville, Kentucky, was in the wholesale business from about 1882 to about 1903, so your bell must have been made during that period. This company was the successor to the partnership of Tarwater, Snyder & Rankins, and was located at 720-722 West Main Street. The principals were Rhodes Burch Rankins (1848-1914) and Sylvester O. Snyder (lifespan unknown). After the company was dissolved, its principals retired, and the premises stood vacant.

      Since these men were wholesalers rather than manufacturers, it is probable that your bell was not made by Rankins-Snyder but by an iron foundry, under what we would now call a private label contract. While it bears some superficial similarities to the work of the C.S.Bell Company, details of the style do not match, so it was probably a Louisville foundry that did the work. The letter C must be a size designation, and the letter H stands for Hardware.

      Personally, I think you’ve done a nice job of restoration of a rather rare bell. Thanks for sharing the photos with us!

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      I agree, similar but not identical to C S Bell Co of Hillsboro, Ohio. You’ve done a great job restoring a cast steel farm bell that has all it’s original components and no damage.

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      Beautiful bell

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      Thanks for the information and feedback. This is now our “door bell”. When rung, it echoes nicely over the pastures around the house.


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      Neil Goeppinger

      A nice job of research on a rather rare bell, Carl. Thanks. — Neil

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