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      I have read through all the topics that pertain to the bell I have and it is similar to the other bells that people have posted regarding this Latin phrase. However, on the skirt of the bell I have there are no people. There are two side views of birds, one looking straight ahead and one looking back behind. Some type of horned animal laying down and something that appears to be a sitting horse. There are two objects on either side of the bell that appear to look like a fleur-de-lis with small squares at it’s base on either side that look almost like tablets. The bell is attached to a framework that depicts a goddess or angel. Like all the others shown here it is meant to hang on a door or wall.

      The entire bell and framework are approximately 16 inches in length and 7 inches wide by 7 inches in depth. It has the item that appears to be a howling dog on the cross bar. The base of the bell is about 4 1/2 inches in diameter and has a large elongated teardrop clapper.

      Any information and possible value would be appreciated.

      [attachment=4:1foqyrg7]001 (2).JPG[/attachment:1foqyrg7]


      [attachment=2:1foqyrg7]015 (2).JPG[/attachment:1foqyrg7]


      [attachment=4:1foqyrg7]001 (2).JPG[/attachment:1foqyrg7]

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      This is my first post to this forum, so I hope it comes out OK. I also have this bell you have mentionedand it is called a “Town Crier Bell”. You can find more info in the book “World of bells No 2″ by Dorothy Malone Anthony, Plate No. 9. The Latin Translation for our bells is ” If you touch me – you will hear my voice”. I This particular bell was used in Scotland during the mid-1800’s for the fire patrol, Streetlight checker or nightwatchman. hope this helps.

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      I purchased this bell in London in 1972. I was told by the store owner that is was a Monastery Bell. I found the last post to be very interesting. What ever it was used for I have always loved it.
      I passed up a Town Crier Bell that year and went back hoping to find it still there. Was told they were usually buried with their bells and it had sold shortly after I left the same day. WOW! That was an education for me!

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      Unfortunately, the first reply to the post above is a composite of two bell descriptions in Dorothy Anthony’s World Of Bells No. 2. The bell shown here is a Monastery Bell, and has nothing to do with the type of bell used by a Town Crier.

      Plate 9 includes pictures of two bells.
      . . 1. Town Crier Bell (lower left)
      . . 2. Monastery Bell (upper right)

      Btw, the Chinese may have used a drum or gong c. 2000 BC, but I doubt there is any connection to a bell used in Western Europe c. 1000 AD.

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      I wish to thank Halanb for the correction in the description of this bell. I believe this forum is living up to what it should be. We all have bells of one kind or another and it is always interesting to see what becomes of a question asked on this forum. All of this information serves us all very well. Thank you
      again sir, I certainly appreciate the information you are providing to this forum.

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