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      I am from the west coast Canada, Vancouver.
      I rescued this bell from a fate of…? who knows the smelter.
      The pictures show more detail than I can offer.
      I am curious to know if it may have been from a Steam ship, Steam locomotive, Diesel locomotive or maybe a fire engine.

      Has a part of a beaver atop although sadly the poor guy lost his head before I got to the bell.
      Just wanting to know a little more than I will assume about it.

      I am figuring it may have been from the Canadian Pacific Railway?
      I know the beaver was used by them as well as maybe others?
      CPR ran shipping and still run trucking and railways.

      If there is someone who may have a bell similar I’d really like to get a mold of the beaver so I can give him back his dignity aka his head.

      Thanks so much Casey [attachment=4:2e83c4ew]DSCN8168.JPG[/attachment:2e83c4ew][attachment=3:2e83c4ew]DSCN8169.JPG[/attachment:2e83c4ew][attachment=2:2e83c4ew]DSCN8172.JPG[/attachment:2e83c4ew]

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      [attachment=0:2gqrqrhj]5769931094_f39ec28748_o – Copy.jpg[/attachment:2gqrqrhj]Well While I was patiently waiting to have this post put up…I found out quite a lot about the bell.
      It is in fact a Fire Engine bell form the late 20’s to early thirties…hmmm maybe should start putting the 1920’s to -30’s.
      We are getting in the mid teens in this millennium now aren’t we?
      Sorry, so I have found that it is from the LaFrance fire engine company that makes yes fire engines…but in the United states the finial is an Eagle.
      Usually in Chrome or brass. The Engine or truck is also called an American LaFrance Foamite.
      The engines made for or in Canada are called Foamite LaFrance and have a Beaver atop usually in cast aluminum sometimes polished and rarely in all brass.

      So Now looking for someone who has an intact beaver that can make a alginate mold for me or careful plaster mold…
      or who is really near so I might be able to do the same and cast his head back on.
      OR better yet a fully intact beaver they want to allow someone hint, hint to purchase from them…..?

      I have seen some of the castings that others have done and the details are really lost.
      I will post some of the pictures I found of the bell with intact beaver for anyone who may be interested in looking.

      Thanks in advance for any leads Casey[attachment=5:2gqrqrhj]6270645378_8686966894_z.jpg[/attachment:2gqrqrhj][attachment=4:2gqrqrhj]Picture008.jpg[/attachment[attachment=1]Canadianbeaverhoodornament4.jpg[/attachment:2gqrqrhj][attachment=1:2gqrqrhj]fire truck bell 1.jpg[/attachment:2gqrqrhj][attachment=0:2gqrqrhj]5769931094_f39ec28748_o – Copy.jpg[/attachment:2gqrqrhj]

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      Carolyn Whitlock

      Thank you, Casey, for the follow-up information! Have you contacted American LaFrance about your needing a replacement finial?
      I wish I could help you but, unfortunately, I can’t.

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      No I haven’t but never really though that I could.
      I guess it is worth a try… right?
      Thanks so much for the thought and for sharing… I’ll let you know if I get through.

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      Carolyn Whitlock

      You might want to start with contacting your local fire chief and ask if they use American LaFrance equipment. Just be sure to use the non-emergency telephone number! You never know if they might have one of these old bells sitting in a storage room in one of their stations.

      I just went to the American LaFrance website. They have contact information at http://americanlafrance.com/aftermarkets/page/aftermarket.

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      We have a different assortment here in Vancouver and there are some older machines in the outlying areas that have the older models. We do use some LaFrance but those are very far and few.
      I will check with a few guys from the local hall and see and I will try the link you posted never know till you ask right?
      Thanks so much for the lead and ideas!

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