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      Cindy in New Yorks writes:

      I have a cast iron bell. it is 12” high and 16” around. it came off the roof of my house. the house was built in 1830. all the info I can get off the bell is No # 3. it is rusty and looks like it was painted at some point. it has been outside for 180 yrs. the clapper broke when we removed it fron the roof. how doI clean it up, where would the manufacture be on the bell, and how would I fix the clapper. would also like to sell it. Can you help me? Thank you Cindy

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      This is probably a CS Bell Co.bell. The name of the founder may be on the yoke. You may be able to get replacement parts from Prindle Station if it is a CS Bell Co bell. Since it is cast steel, it can be cleaned by removing the rust and painting it with a rust preventive paint. Rust can be removed mechanically with a steel wire brush or chemically with Naval Jelly. Sand blasting is also effective as it will not damage a steel bell.
      HJLong, MD

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