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      I am requesting help on finding out any historical information on this bell. It is approximately 9 in. tall, ~11 inches wide at crown and ~15.75 inches wide at base. It also has a “2” cast into the side. The words “PUMP & FIRE ENGINE” are cast into the yolk and those are the only other markings I can find. I am currently working on a landscaping project for my mother. She wants to incorporate the bell into her yard, so I am trying to restore it as much as possible. I believe it is made of cast iron (only recently painted the hammered bronze in picture). It only has a few “pit” marks and overall works like a charm and sounds wonderful. It is heavy, probably ~ 50 lbs or so for just the bell. The other modifications to the yolk were made by my grandfather when he converted into ringing bell for his porch. My mother said my grandfather acquired it as part of the homestead he bought in the ’60’s. He said the bell was used by the old owners as a farm bell so that the wife could call her husband in when needed. It is from a farm on the Illinois/Wisconsin border. My grandfather and mother also believe it may have been a school bell before then. I have been looking on the internet and other places but have found no information on the possible foundry the bell was made. If anyone can help, please share. I would like to some more info to share with my mother and it would mean a lot. Thanks.

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      Looks like a Goulds Manufacturing Co bell. This foundry was in Seneca Falls, NY. Their main output was pumps but bells and other items were produced. It was probably trademarked for a retailer by that name instead of bearing the Goulds logo. It’s a farm bell. Goulds is still in operation and has a website. There’s also more info in our search (above right).

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