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      Peter Hyde

      I have added another bell to my collection from a foundry in Poland. If you want a bell to commemorate an event or business the foundry will do anything you want. They offer a wide variety of designs and you decide your own inscriptions. All in bronze and great value. I’m not on commission!
      I tell my story about the bell in the following blog:



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      Carolyn Whitlock


      I just checked out your Polish Bell blog and found it to be a truly fascinating story. How romantic of you to have a bell cast as a 40th wedding anniversary present for your wife! The pictures are fantastic!

      I hope others will click on your link and read about your experience! 😀

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      Peter Hyde

      Thanks Carolyn

      If you scroll down my main bell collection blog you will see that I had bells cast by Whitechapel to mark both Ruth and my 60th birthdays.
      I have three daughters and four grandchildren for whom I may be asking Whitechapel to cast again. Mind you, they won’t get their hands on them until I’m gone!



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