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      I have searched for hours trying to find some info on this cute small bell. It’s approximately 4″ tall. Base is made of metal and has a small stamp NA in a square. The top yellow ball is similar to a marble. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thank you,

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      Hey CrayCray!

      Do you have any history of it’s acquisition? that sometimes helps identify it.

      Interesting looking bell. The bead clapper indicates that this is a decorative one. Could I see a close up of the stamp? and maybe the side, especially if there is a chipped or rubbed off area?

      Also, with the ‘marble’ ball on the top, try rubbing it briskly with a cloth or running it under hot water then smelling it. If it has a slightly burnt or camphor smell then it’s Celluloid. Bakelite would smell like formaldehyde. Celluloid, if my memory is correct, was discontinued in use in the late 1950’s (it is very flammable – remember the history of all those movie theaters burning down?!). Bakelite ran in the 50’s to 70’s mostly, I recall, but it was replaced with less fragile plastics.

      The leaf design on the top is Victorian in style, and the side design reminds me of fish scales. I am curious if we can tell if it is paint or glazed coloring.

      Does the inside hold a magnet? weakly strongly? I am thinking it’s tin or a lead alloy. It also appears to be bent a bit, so I am thinking paint not glaze.

      I would like to see the NA stamp, to see if we can tell if it’s a maker mark or a place mark.

      I suspect that you have an early 1900’s souvenir bell from a fishing town in England, possibly with the initials NA. But further research is needed.

      Hope this helps!

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