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      Hello folks! I found your site, and what a great resource it is. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to find anything here that’s like the bell I got from my uncle. I’m sorry, but we’re not able to get any details from him. He most likely got it in New Orleans originally, but possibly not. I’d appreciate any information you may be able to give me.

      The only marking I can find is the 1788 on the front. It appears to be bronze or brass, but I have no idea how to tell the difference. It’s 11 inches in diameter, and approximately 12 inches high, from the bottom of the rim to the top of the yoke. I don’t have the right caliper to measure the thickness, but it seems to my uncalibrated fingers to be about 1 inch thik, mostly. It’s thicker where the bottom swoops in and up (whatever the technical term is). There are more and larger photos in the gallery in the link below. If you’d like other photos, let me know.

      Thanks muchly!

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