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      This was my grandmother’s bell. I have had it for over 30 years so I know it is quite old. We don’t have any history though so any help would be appreciated.

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      Welcome to our bell site!
      We will be pleased to try and help you identify this little cutie, but will need to get some additional details off of you.
      1) can you give us the lettering that appears around the top? I can see some but am not confident that I have enough views to see it all.
      2) can you give us a shot of the inside? What the clapper is and how it attaches adds clues quite often.
      3) can you give us some dimensions?
      How high is the handle?
      the bell itself?
      the diameter of the skirt?
      4) Can you tell what metal it is made of? IE Pewter? Silver? Iron?
      Quick tests: Iron will hold a rare earth magnet strongly. Bronze weakly (has tin). Brass not likely (has zinc). If the item isn’t coated in a plastic or similar layer, take a small chip of ice (yep the frozen water type) Put it on a piece of the material to be tested. If it melts rapidly it likely has silver in it. (Put a sample piece on something else the same temperature for comparison if you want.)
      5) can you describe or get close up shots of the other icons on the sides?
      6) do you have any other history? (like where Grandma lived/visited that she might have picked it up? that helps narrow down some of the choices.)


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