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      I am looking for any information on this bell, I came here and saw the other post, my bell is smaller about 3 inches tall and has star like symbol on its side. The Calif Bell company says it is not one of theirs. I can find nothing on it in library or books, have tried contacting the museum in Santa fe, but no response.Same inscription as mission bell at San Miguel in Santa Fe New Mexico.Except uses word “Rogad” instead of “Ruega” Any help will be appreciated. Thank You

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      Carolyn Whitlock

      Is there any chance you can post a picture of this bell for us to see?

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      hi awwjdf12,
      I think we talked before 😀 , but lets let everyone know about this bell 😆 This little bell was sold at the church in Santa Fe NM for years to raise money. At this time we are not sure who made this bell 🙁 , only that 1,000s were made and sold to tourisits . this small bell was made as a copy of the large 700 lb bell that hangs in the church. Mrs. Forbes of California ( the subject of our last two books) made a 6 in. bell that is also a copy of the large 700 lb. bell. 😛 As far as the complete wording on the bell “SAINT JOSEPH PRAY FOR US AUGUST 9 1356” , it is rubbish 😳 The wording is in Spanish. According to Spanish history nothing happened on that date, and the sect of St John had not been founded 😉 We are putting together an article for the Bell Tower and will put this whole subject to rest 🙄

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      I believe I have the same bell. If you look at the pictures I posted just a day ago perhaps you can compare. Like you I knownothing about it and am trying to get information. I do live in New Mexico and if necessary I will drive to Santa Fe and see if the bell is a copy.
      please let me know if they are the same.

      hypnotist 😀

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      Hi, All your questions will be answered if you go to the Bell Tower publication, March/April 2008. Lots of information and pictures, top-notch article, as all of them are. Max

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