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      Can someone recommend a web site or other source for pictures of Paul Revere Bells?
      Thanks Ed W

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      Although I have never seen a copy of it, there is a booklet that was written by Mr. & Mrs. Edward Stickney that includes many illustrations of Revere bells. I have posted a copy of an article about the Stickney’s search for Revere bells that was published in 1978 in the “Articles About Bells” section of the “Bell Talk” Forum. You can read it at viewtopic.php?f=19&t=3084.

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      Claudia from Mansfield, Massachusetts, writes:

      I don’t see our church bell listed, but I have pictures to prove it is a Revere bell. It was made in 1810 but recast in 1827. It still says Revere Boston on it. Under that is a casting of a dedication. It was originally sold to the Universalist Church but then sold to us.

      I’d be happy to post your picture here for all to see, Claudia. You may send it to me electronically at coordinator@americanbell.org. Also, it would be helpful to us to know the name of your church. I will presume the church is located in Mansfield unless you tell me otherwise.

      Thanks for sharing this information with us.

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      Mr. & Mrs. Stickney have retired from the project of researching Revere bells. All of their materials related to that project were turned over to The Paul Revere House Association (http://www.paulreverehouse.org/) in Boston a few years ago.

      The Stickneys published two editions of their Revere Bells booklet. The second and final edition was dated September 1976; it was 36 pages long, with about a dozen photographs of Revere bells (or at least their inscriptions). Five pages of additions and corrections were printed at various later dates up to 2003, at which time 149 Revere bells were known to survive. (I have a copy.) As of late 2008, the Revere House had a few copies of this booklet available for sale, but had no plans to reprint it when that stock ran out. It would take some significant work to prepare a new edition, and the Stickneys still hold the copyright for it.

      My own Revere page (at http://home.swbell.net/csz_stl/towerbells/RevereFoundry.html) provides links to several illustrations of Revere bells which could be found on the Web as of a couple of years ago. I would welcome additions or corrections to that page.

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      Peggy in Massachusetts writes:

      I have a copy of the Stickney booklet, dated 1976. The bells are listed by date of entry in original Revere records and for 1810 it lists on page 17:
      1810 Congregational Parish, Unitarian, in Norton,MA – 875 lbs
      REVERE & SON BOSTON 1809
      Rev. Pitt Clark Norton

      Thanks for sharing this information, Peggy!

      Admin (Carolyn)

      P.S. Copies of the booklet are available at online booksellers. They are expensive but they can be bought.

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