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      This is a somewhat typical (I think) animal brass bell.
      What brought it to the forefront of my mind is the “gold bell with Jesus and circles” in this same discussion area.
      First the Vital Stats:
      Bell is 3.5″ diameter by 1 3/4″ high. 3″ high if you count the bird.
      Magnet does not appear to stick anywhere on this one.

      I believe it to be a pheasant but there are a couple of interesting points about it.
      1. note the skirt of the bell – It’s full of wavy lines, stars, <>, and yes, Circles. Is this like the bell in the other discussion? I don’t know, I can’t see any photos associated with it.
      2. The inside has an interesting 3 hip structure. I am not sure of it’s purpose, as they only appear to deaden the sound. I have seen it before but only on items that stacked together and used to keep something mounted in the middle from scratching the next item below. Any other ideas?


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