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      Here’s an interesting souvenir bell I just picked up.
      vital Stats:
      Pewter body
      Iron staple and clapper
      6 1/2 inches high (2 1/2 for the bell itself)
      Skirt is 3 1/4 inches diameter.
      Age: Probably about 1984

      Has the markings inside of:
      Real Pewter 94%
      (first word is really faint and hard to make out, one letter I can’t discern is marked with a “?”)

      From my research I believe this to be “METAWA HOLLAND”

      N. V. Metawa, Tiel, Holland, name from ‘metalware’, Trade name Metad’or for brass
      but also made pewterware, founded 1923 in the same town (Tiel) as Daalderop and Kurz.
      Closed 1982, briefly revived but finally closed 1985.
      (information courtesy Aart W. Korstens).

      anyone know of anything different on this?

      Also, here’s an interesting starting site to use when researching marks:


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