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      Ok, I know I should recognize this one, but I am going brain dead on it for some reason.

      It’s a form I have seen before, I ‘believe’ as a copy of a Peru bell.

      I can’t find it in my books or records, even though I know it’s there.

      Although it is a heavy cast bell, I also believe it to be a reproduction.

      It’s 7″ high by 3″ diameter, all brass, very heavy. The bell itself has interesting odd striations around it, reminiscent of what you see in the folding and stretching of sword blades during their construction. The inside is very rough ‘sand like’ textures.

      The top figure is quite abstract and slightly asymmetrical in the arms.

      One side of it on the front and a couple places on the handle where it attaches to the bell, show signs of a grinding wheel .

      Someone out there willing to tweak my tired brain cell on this one? I absolutely know I have seen it before, but can’t remember where or any details.


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