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      Here is a bell I just acquired.
      6.5 inches high, 3 inches diameter on the skirt, all brass and very heavy.
      It does act like a singing bell, so it must be good bell brass in it.

      Both front and back of the figure are formed, with a thick bell showing cast markings.
      No maker marks that I can find anywhere.

      Research indicates that it’s of Perseus with the Gorgon shield. For example: Elsinor Springer’s, “The Collector’s book of bells” 1972, page 185 depicts it.

      The only ones I have been able to find though seem to have an unrelated Assyrian/Israelite motif and ornate markings on the bell itself. This is the only one I have seen with a plain bell base.

      Any one else out there have more information?
      How old is it? From the full figure molding but 2 part construction and thick good brass I am thinking its from the 30’s/40’s but that’s a guess at this point.


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