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      I have a perin & gaff #4 (the bell diameter is 19-5/8″ and height is 12″). Where and I get a cradle and crank to fit this bell? A reproduction would be fine.

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      That size is too large for a cradle and uses a pair of A frame supports. Find a good machine shop and it should be no problem having them designed along with a rope arm. Old parts are scarce and most restorers hang onto them for their own projects.

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      Neil Goeppinger

      There used to be a bell foundry in Oskaloosa, Iowa and after not making bells for many years and having people come around trying to get parts from them, the owners of the foundry cast three different sizes of mounts for bells. They were sort of ingenious in that they were for farm bell size bells from 12 to 18″ diameter, but since there was no standardization in the distance the round ends of the yoke are apart from one foundry to another (the truncheons), they would have had to make mounts in quarter or half inch increments to fit all bells. Instead they came up with a solution. These mounts are meant for mounting on posts, so they made three different sizes with each made in two parts. That way they can be mounted what ever distance apart they need to be so the span is just right for the distance the truncheons are apart. You can either get a wide post and cut it down to what you need, or get a 4×4 or 6×6 and then use what ever spacers you need.

      Long story short, they quit making these about 15 or 20 years ago, but I looked up the owner about 12 years ago and he still had some, so I bought several just to have on hand for my own or any one else’s use. They were expensive or else I would have bought all he had. Anyway, I still haven’t used any of them, so if you want a pair, tell me how far apart the truncheons are on your bell, both the inside and the outside tips, and I’ll see which size would fit your bell, then I’ll try to find how much I paid for them. As I said, they were priced pretty high or I would have bought all he had. As it was, I bought about half of what he had. His inventory was getting low. You can call me at 515 432-4523 days or 515 432-2376 evenings during February. — Neil

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