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      One of these bells sold earlier today on eBay. It is about as good an example as may be found and the price (~$125) is perhaps a little high but not unreasonable in today’s market for a bell of this quality. Lesser examples of the same bell should sell for considerably less. (The hammer price in any auction is always determined by what the second highest bidder is willing to spend.) It also a good example of the shortcomings of the sand cast method (used for all P-P bells), which is cheaper and less labor-intensive than the lost wax casting method. I have copied and brightened some of the pictures as illustrations.

      A description of the sand casting process may be found here:

      The first two photos show the front and rear of the bell. The detail is reasonably good.

      The last two photos show the right and left sides. Notice how the detail is interrupted on the sides near the parting line of the upper and lower molds, both in the skirt, arm, and cap. The sand cannot pack in as tightly in these areas and is further disturbed when the mold figure (core) is removed. Sometimes some of the detail is restored by “chasing” with a sharp chisel. This may have been done for the horizontal apron tie. Evidence of sand casting can sometimes also be detected inside the skirt of a figurine bell by a thickening of the metal near the parting line.

      In the case of Pearson-Page figural bells, the base was often machined in a lathe but evidence of sand casting may usually be found in the figure on top of the bell.

      Keep on researchin’ ……….

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