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      Gene asks:

      I have got a few bells but it is hard to find parts for them when the parts are not there. I just bought a bell that is missing the handle that the chain is attached to, to ring the bell. It is a number 2 bell. The handle would fit on a square part of the bell hanger. Is there a set vocabulary for dinner bells? Some of these parts are hard to describe. Thanks.

      Response #1

      Gene, I don’t know of a source for the arm to which the rope attaches for a dinner bell. I do know of a source for parts for larger church bells. As to nomenclature, the part at the top to which the bell is attached is the yoke, the round ends of the yoke on which the bell rotates are the truncheons. The part that strikes the inside of the bell is the clapper. The two stands for a church bell on which the truncheons rest are the A frame stands. The springs inside a church bell (not on a dinner bell) are the limiting springs. The wheel for the rope is simply the rope wheel. The arm for the rope is the rope arm. The parts of the bell are the lip, the mouth, the sound bow (the thickest part of the bell), the waist, the shoulder, and the top. I think that about covers the parts.


      This inquiry was originally sent to the ABA’s Internet Coordinator. The responses are are opinions of individuals based on their personal research and knowledge.

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