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      ovidiu oana

      There are many populations established in Siberia more than 30.000 years ago into a cold teritory in actual Rusia and North Asia.
      Those primitive human was connected with divinity via shamans.
      In Rusia’s Museum of Ethnography form St. Petersburg there are a lot of artefacts during ancient to modern time as clothes, instruments, pictures.
      Paleo shamanism period of Koriak, Arctic Eskimo, Chukchi or Yukaghir populations used by man or women as ritual clothing are like those you can see in pictures below.
      Bells attached to suits are 3 different shapes: spherical, normal and bells for cattle; spherical bells/crotals are simple or can be ”tiger bells”, very well described by Fekke de Jager see http://www.kipas.nl/bells/

      Crotals from Rusia you can see in the album http://bells.zuavra.net/picture_list.php?album=10

      As for example, Chukchi word enenilit means ”those with spirit” and come from enen meaning ”shamanistic spirit”.

      Other shamanistic bells in my collection you can see at:

      Thank you and I wish you a Happy 4,th of July!

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