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      ding dong

      I just got a os bell (not cs ) it`s in bad shape rust wise it is a no.30 other than the rust when it was removed from it`s last home some thoughtless person cut off the bottom of one of the uprights with a gas torch, is there anyway to stop the rust forgot to mention it was along the Washington St coast for a 100 years) this bell is one that you just move around on the spare moment, I`m guessing it weighs 300#, I`m constructing a steel tower for the bell, and if my plans wook out it well have a roof, by the way yes it still rings

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      Neil Goeppinger

      From the diameter and weight you list, I assume this is either iron or steel. To stop the rust, disassemble the bell, have it sand blasted, and then paint it with a good quality primer and enamel. I’d go to your specialty paint store and get their best primer and top coat for out door steel or iron – not what Sears has on sale. — Neil

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