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      Art, from California, writes:

      Please help: I have a solid silver heavy gold plated hand bell/5″by 5″with crosses like the knights had on their shields all around. Looks very old and valuable. The bell I have looks like somthing out of the templar knights era. It was passed down to my family from Austria. Its real old and in excellent shape. I’m trying to see if someone knows its origin.

      If you can help, please post a response.

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      This is a modern Swiss Cowbell. The cross is the Red Cross of the Flag of Switzerland. I’ve been told by a Swiss dairy farmer who had bells cast with his name on them, that the use 1 pound of bell for every 100 pounds of cow. These provide a very melodic sound as the cows graze the high pastures on the sides of the mountains.
      Harry Long, MD

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