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      For the past 3 years I have been trying to buy the bell from a local small church that my 83 year old mother grew up in and her dad belonged to that church also. The church was built in 1912 so I assume that would also be the age of the bell. The church was turned into a rent to own house which caught on fire and had to be torn down. Before it was torn down I was able to locate the owner and I inquired about the bell. She told me the bell was broke into pieces but the neighbors told me that it was taken down in one piece as they hear it ring. Fast forward 3 years later and an article in the local newspaper described the time capsule articles that were just found in the churches foundation. We contacted the man who discovered the items and he donated to them to our church which was the sister church to the one than burnt down. The man told us he just sold the bell. Yes the bell that I was told was broken . It was located up in the woods partially buried. I was able to track down the new owner of the bell. I asked if he would consider selling it to me considering the sentimental value it has to my family. He told me to make him an offer but I have no clue what a 36 inch across the bottom cast iron church bell with no clapper would be worth. Can someone please point me in the right direction.

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      ChristalLynn More information is needed to accurately appraise that bell… still buried in the woods?
      Missing clapper… cracks repairs? all other parts complete, i.e. yoke on top, wheel for rope, belfry stands on either side… ? condition is crucial, completeness also matters.
      Just a bell bowl in the woods holds little value considering the effort which may be required to extract it, let alone restore it and replace parts.
      Even if it were next door to us, buried in the woods, lacking inspection, not knowing if it still rings, it’s scrap value might be a hundred dollars.
      Extracted, washed, and suspended just enough to tap it to hear it ring, would tell you a lot, but who pays for that work?
      More info is needed for accuracy, and photos help a lot.
      Good luck, hope you can make it ring again.

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      Hello ChristalLynn

      The maximum file size you can upload is 512KB
      The simplest website for resizing that I have found is …

      Browse to where your picture is located
      Click Open, image will upload to picresize website
      Click Continue
      Leave all default settings as they are
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      In step 4 “Save As” – enter 512 in MaxFilesize box
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      Click Save to Disk
      Click Save, this will save the resized picture to your Downloads file
      You will find the picture renamed as rsz_original name

      Hope this helps

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      The bell is out of the woods and sitting on the ground collecting moisture in front of the guys pole building. It has a Yoke. No visible cracks, no wheel for a rope, no belfry stands. Just the bell with no clapper. The man aid it rand when he tapped it with a sledge hammer. If someone could please help me with a price. I really want this bell for sentimental reasons but I believe he thinks it is worth much more than it is.

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