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      We have a very large bell made by The Vanduzen Co.

      I’m not sure if it’s brass or bronze.

      It is approximately 3’2″ high w/out the yoke
      3’10” wide at the base.

      It also says “Buckeye Bell Foundry 1923”.

      The clapper is there and it works, but because of the way it is sitting, I can’t get a good picture of it.

      Does knowing the provenance increase the value?
      It came off of a famous Mississippi riverboat when it was dismantled (there are pictures & a magazine article to back this up).

      I have somebody interested in buying it – not even sure we want to sell it, but can’t even guess what price to tell them.

      Can anybody give me their opinion as to the value of this?
      I have looked online but I don’t see too many of this size.

      Thank you in advance.

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      Hello LB,

      The bell you have is a bronze bell (80% copper and 20% tin) and was cast by the E.W. Vanduzen Bell Foundry / Buckeye Bell Foundry in Cincinnati, Ohio. At 46″ in diameter, the bare bell will weigh approx 1,800 Lbs. The value is really determined on what your doing with it. selling the bell “as-is” in the current condition, you could probably expect to get approx $3 to $4 per Lb. This is the monetary value, not the historical value, which is much harder to put a price on.

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