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      My mother lives in Ohio and I’m trying to help her sell her cast iron church bell. It’s 40″ in diameter, 29″ tall, made by C.S. Bell, and not damaged. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, Kim

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      Carolyn Whitlock

      Kim, That’s a nice looking bell!

      If you click on the menu at the left where it says “Frequently Asked Questions”, you may get some help regarding the value of your bell. You can also look on an online auction site and search for C.S. Bell Co. bells and bookmark the listings and check back after the auction ends to see how much people are currently willing to pay for your type of bell.

      You could also contact Prindle Station Bells a http://prindlestation.com/farm.html. They are the people who bought the original molds from the C.S. Bell Company. Their contact information can be found at: http://prindlestation.com/contact.html

      Good luck,

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      Thank you for the help!

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      Good Morning
      Is this bell for sale. Thanks John Tatum
      Please write back to TCBJWT1@aol.com

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      CS Bell Co, Goulds,Blymer, Rumsey&Co large bells like that, have a sound of their own. I do not know whether the patterns were somehow tuned but they sound in tune. Most have 3 partials in notes. Bronze has 5 partials but I have a big heart for the iron ones.

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