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      ABA Member Kay sent me this news flash today that I thought I would share

      ABA – Did U Watch ABC News?


      Watching the ABC News last night ( Tuesday) with Diane Sawyer, there was an interview
      with a lady in Joplin, MO. on the one year anniversary of the Joplin Tornado.
      The woman, in part, said she had two brass bells and took them with her in hiding in case
      she was buried under the rubble she could ring these bells so rescuers could find her.

      The brass bells were long handled and looked like the Sarna type. They flashed the
      lady’s name so fast I didn’t get it and i didn’t recognize her as a bell member.

      What a clever idea ! I have always maintained that Everyone should have a bell
      to ring if you are sick or ever need help. Now we have another purpose.



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