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      The historical society I belong to inherited an old schoolhouse bell that is 18 inches across (dia) and 31 inches high from the top of the rope pulley to the bottom. The bell shows no signs of rust, etc, but the yoke(?) is rusted. So much so that the manufacturer’s name is difficult to make out, however it looks like the first name is ROTARY. I can provide more info, including photos, if it would help. The hist soc is The Greene Dreher Historical Society, Inc., located in Newfoundland, Pa. My address is webbgjr@verizon.net. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Webb 😉

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      You probably have a bronze bell made by Vanduzen of Cincinnati, Oh. “Rotary Yoke” is what’s molded in the yoke. It was a patented yoke that allowed the bell to be turned slightly every few years allowing the clapper to strike a different area of the inside of the bell preventing excessive wear on one particular spot. Perhaps it was a good idea but most people never bothered. Nobody wanted to risk their neck climbing up to a belfrey through all the dirt and pigeon droppings! E-mail me a photo (mike121945@yahoo.com) and I can tell you if it’s a Vanduzen. A bronze bell in a country school was unusual. A steel bell was usually used. The school board must have had plenty in the treasury for purchase of a bell.

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