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      Any info on this bell would be greatly appreciated. Age, maybe value in this condition. Damaged in a fire, I believe its a school bell. The wooden handle is gone. It appears to have some sort of engraved design that looks like eagle feathers or maybe plant leaves. The top unscrews from the bell exposing the clapper. Bell is 8″ tall x 5 1/2″ diameter at the bottom. Clapper appears to be original. I do not know the metal it’s made of. It’s non-magnetic.

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      Carolyn Whitlock


      It is my guess that your bell is made of brass and was made in India. I say this because the etching on the shoulder and skirt of the bell are typically found on bells made in India. It is my opinion that this bell was made to be either a decorative item or a souvenir of India.

      I have found a picture on the Internet of a bell similar to yours although it doesn’t appear to have any etching on it. The clapper in the bell in the picture I’m posting is heavier than the one on your bell but I also notice that the heavier clapper is suspended on a piece of wire similar to yours. The bell in the picture I’m posting is engraved India.

      Here are pictures that I found:

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      Hello Mark

      I have moved your post to “Metal Bells” which is a more appropriate forum for your request.

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