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      Big Steve

      I came across a person that went to an auction several years ago where they were tearing down an old old Mill. They had this bell in a tower that they used to ring for starting work, lunch and quitting time. He bought it and brought it home. It’s been a while since I saw it but it had either a #30 or #40 on it. It was quite large and it was on a pallet. He had whatever the sides or yoke that came with it. I thought at the time it looked like the old #2 farm bells you see in people’s yards but a whole lot bigger.

      He wants to sell it now and for whatever reason, I think it’s pretty unique. I just don’t know what it’s worth. Anyone have a guess or ballpark figure. I don’t remember if it had any other writing on it but I can go back and check if it would help.

      Thanks in advance.

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      This sounds like a cast steel bell, probably a C. S. Bell Co. bell. A magnet should stick to the bell. The value is dependent on size so it is important to know whether it is a #30 or #40. If you cannot make out the numbers, measure the diameter at the lip; a #30 is ~30 inches and a #40 is ~40 inches diameter. The value is whatever the buyer will pay. If it is a #40, it could bring $1000 or higher to the right buyer.
      HJLong, MD

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