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    I bought an old church and I’m looking to renovate the bell tower.
    I’ve got a 31 inch lip to lip bell in there.

    One side of the bell has raised lettering saying “MENEELY BELL CO. TROY. N.Y.” The other side is in German and is dated 1912 (has raised letters too).

    I called one company and they said it might be worth $2,600. I know very little about bells and wanted to get some other opinions.

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    Carolyn Whitlock

    From our Frequently Asked Questions section:

    The American Bell Association International, Inc. does not appraise bell(s) nor does it maintain a list of appraisers. However, some ABA members are glad to offer an opinion based on their research, experience in buying, and watching the prices of bells on eBay, in antique shops, at flea markets, and at auctions. Please bear in mind that if you were to ask for an opinion, it would be just that. The individual would not be an official representative of the American Bell Association.

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