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      In the 1940s my great grandfather tore down a church to get the lumber to build himself a house. At that time he was able to secure the bell. I recently took a closer look and am wondering where I might find more information. The bell has CIN BELL CO and the number 38 stamped on the either side of the bracket. The bell is about 36″ wide and 33″ tall…and pretty darn heavy.

      Wondering if the bell has any significant value or if it is even worth hanging onto.

      Thank you in advance for your time.


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      Hi Rick Yours is a Blymyer Norton & Co/ Cinn Bell, cast in Cincinnati, Ohio likely in the late 1800s. It appears to be complete except for the elaborately designed rope wheel which is also cast of steel, they frequently broke, and originals are impossible to find. There are similar bells posted in various threads on this forum. On the main Forum page find SEARCH and enter Blymeyer Norton (or Blymyer) as both spellings were used in old records.
      A smaller 30″ model, complete, but un-restored, was listed on feebay for months without selling, for $2995. If it had been sandblasted, primed, painted, and mounted on a new treated wood frame, THEN it’s worth that.
      It is a No.36, despite the number on the Yoke which is a possible replacement for a broken yoke, lost at the same time as when the wheel broke. The spindles separated from the yoke is also unusual, possibly salvaged from the broken yoke as one still has the wheel hub connector. The complete dis-assembly indicates it has sat since it’s trauma.
      Despite its large size, in that condition, without a wheel (and depending on location) it may only fetch $500-800.
      But it’s worth what one person is willing to pay at one time… if you want a bell without a wheel, and some do.
      Complete, restored and re-mounted, similar sized examples have sold for thousands of dollars.
      Our 36″ bowl by a different founder, weighs 600lbs, so all the parts weigh 900lbs including the wheel.
      Keep us informed of the bell’s status.
      Good luck

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