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      I bought this bell at a pawns shop and the owner suspected it is around 200 years old and of Nepalese/Himalayan origin. I can’t seem to find anything on the web about this bell and the value of it. I hope anyone can help me 🙂

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      Hi Paul!
      First the bad news:
      Sorry, but we cannot give you a value for the bell. The problem is that we really need to look at it in detail to ensure all the parts are there, in good shape, not replaced, indicators of age or repairs … Also the value of items are dependent on factors in the area, something common to one area is of lesser value than where it’s rarer! (I picked up a fish net swing from the east coast, for example, as the ropes are common there, it was about 30% of the cost of the same item where I live – in the middle of the country!) For an evaluation in your area, you need to approach an expert in the field locally. We are not, by site rules, allowed to give you a value.

      Could we get a close up of the clapper of the larger bell and the hanger part please?

      I agree; The upper ridge design is most typical of Hindu origin and so this is likely a temple bell set, [but the design has been used by others and in other structures too]. I don’t know, but suspect, that the 5 bell size/arrangement has a religious root as well.

      I am not overly well versed in larger brass bells, but I’ll keep looking. Perhaps one of our other members who is more knowledgeable in this type will be able to shed more light.

      Thanks for the posting!

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      Carolyn Whitlock

      Hi, Paul,

      It’s just my opinion but I think there is a lesson to be learned from your posting. When the owner said he “suspected it is around 200 years old and of Nepalese/Himalayan origin”, it may or may not be true. As a 53-year-member of ABA and a second-generation bell collector, I learned early on that dealers do not always know what the history/story/kind/origin of their bells are. Some will tell you a “good story” to entice you to pay his asking price.

      One of the first things I ask a dealer when I spot a bell that I know is over-priced or under-priced is, “What can you tell me about this bell?” I’ve gotten some really nice bells for bargain prices because the dealer really didn’t know what a gem he was selling!

      Having said that, in the case of your bells, I did an Internet search for “Nepalese Bells images” and checked out the many pictures. The shape of your bells is characteristic of Nepalese bells. Below are 3 pictures of similar shapes.

      As to the value of your bells, the ABA does not appraise bells. However, I usually recommend to people that they look at online auction sites for their kind of bell. Then bookmark those auctions and check back after the auctions ends to see what it sold for. One reason the ABA asks people to give the dimensions of their bells when asking for information is so we can give them more accurate information. For instance, we have no idea of the size of your bells.

      Food for thought! Good luck!


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