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      Just for Fun:
      Here’s something that is related to bells but isn’t a bell itself.
      Perhaps some of our members will recognize it, I simply found it an interesting piece. The company still exists and produces this material today!

      I am thinking it is a key fob as it has two sides. It might also simply be a hang tag for one of their products.

      About 1.5″ wide and tall it’s brass shaped like a bell and inscribed:
      STC on one side


      World’s largest producer of Carillons Bells and Chimes
      Schulmerich Carillons inc.
      Carillon Hill
      Sellersville, PA.

      Thought the members might like to see it, but didn’t know where you wanted it put then Carolyn!


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      This is a souvenir from the Schulmerich company. I remember receiving these at an ABA Convention sometime in the late 1960s or early 1970s. It may have been at the Philadelphia or Cherry Hill, NJ Convention. This is attached to a key ring as a fob and an ad for the company.
      Harry Long, MD

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      Thanks Harry!

      I suspected someone would recognize it!


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