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      Gen says:

      I promised my husband, Bob, that I would get the pictures of his “Favorite BELL” on the ABA website to show off his “FIND”! We were shopping in an antique store in Kentucky several years ago.

      Bob has “researched” his find. And has purchased on ebay the page out of an old magazine about the “cows on the rocks”.
      Genavieve and Bob in Green Valley AZ.

      Here is a picture of the comments that are on the magazine ad:

      Malcolm Hereford was an inventive and crusty old hedonist who made his fortune breeding bulls. A stubborn man, he did things to his liking, regardless. He liked “strong drink.” But not its taste. Or its smell. So he did as only he would do.

      He turned his considerable resources to creating drinks to please all the senses. He succeeded with a blend of natural flavors and grain neutral spirits. Each is spirited. Each pleasant tasting. Each pleasing to the eye. And each smooth and light to the palate.

      Once done, and the the final iconoclastic twist of wit, he named them “COWS.” We heard of Malcolm’s private “herd.” And then found them to be a delicious and spirited new breed of drink. So, with Malcolm’s blessing, we’ve turned them loose. Try them on-the-rocks or chilled. You’ll discover one thing for sure: A Cow-on-the-rocks is not a bum steer.

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