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      I have what I consider to be an interesting bell. It was posted on this forum while I was recovering and restoring it at viewtopic.php?f=4&t=4900.

      After completing the restoration I noticed the bell was a much lighter color than my other U.S. Navy bells.
      After a little research I found that due to the shortage of copper in the U.S. just before and during WWII there were many copper saving attempts by the military including the use of nickel brass.

      If you remember, the U.S. did not have enough copper to wire the cyclotrons to complete the Manhattan Project (the A Bomb). The military used the country’s silver reserve. They made it into wire to use in the cyclotrons during development. Much of it was returned to the treasury after the war.

      Ships like Liberty and Victory class ships didn’t often have brass bells. They were issued iron bells using the C.S. Bell iron alloy. Why waste copper on a ship that had a life expectancy of 1.5 voyages?
      This bell tests as ‘Nickel Brass’. It has a higher content of nickel in an attempt to save copper, and still present a suitable bell for a Ship of the Line.

      Has anyone else been exposed to these bells?
      I suspect there was a limited production.
      Any info on nickel brass and copper saving history from WWII would be appreciated.

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