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      People, I’ve owned this bell since the mid 1980’s and can find out nothing about it. Hoping your group can help.
      The bell is 21 1/2 inches including the yoke and eagle, weight 35 1/4 lbs, 37 inches around the base
      of the bell and 11 1/2 across the mouth. I bought the bell in Marin county, Ca. There is no foundry or
      casting mark that I can find. The inscription around the top reads:

      Santana Hollywood 1942
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      It is a Ship or Boat bell from the mounting (my opinion) with a lovely patina and marvelous sound. Any help would be appreciated.


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      I am sure we will try Curt!

      Is it possible to get a photo of the inside as well?
      We are looking for the clapper, the clapper attachment, and wear marks on the inside.

      Does it hold a strong magnet anywhere?

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      (I don’t want to get your hopes up, but the only ship I can find in reference to the bell inscription is the Santana, Humphrey Bogart’s sloop. It’s about the right age and, of course, he could very well have “Hollywood” on it! (grin, as I recall he had some kind of work there!). You might search on line for a Bogart site and ask them about the boat and it’s bell if you want to short circuit this lead!)

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