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      Hey all new to to the forum.

      My grandpa who had a huge collection of various bells recently died and us grandkids were able to take a few bells from the collection. Attached is one of them I took which I would like to hang on the wall. I am having a very hard time finding a wall mount to do so. Does anyone here know of any place I could get one online?? I beleive the bell is around 4″ in diameter. THanks in Advance!


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      Carolyn Whitlock

      Sorry to hear about the loss of your grandfather. He must have been a great guy if he collected bells! Bell collectors are really nice people! It is nice that you have a wonderful piece of memorabilia from your grandfather! Not all people have a story to go with their bells! Be sure to write down your bell’s story and keep it for your grandchildren!

      To me, this looks like the bottom of a hand bell, which is a kind of bell that is not meant to be hung. There are two reasons why I think this. 1) the shape of the bell is like that of a hand bell. 2. There is no obvious hanger mechanism on the top of the bell but it looks like the band at the top could help secure a handle.

      Although I can’t really see what is on the opposite end of the clapper wire, could it be some kind of a screw that might screw into the bottom of a wooden handle?

      A local woodworker (professional or amateur) with a lathe probably could make a handle for your bell. If you are determined to hang it on the wall rather than display it on a shelf, the woodworker could probably design such a holder for you, too. The woodworking or industrial arts teacher at your local high school may be able to refer you to someone who could make a handle and/or a holder for you. Who knows, he might have a student that would be willing to accept the challenge of making a handle for your bell.

      Here is a picture of two of my 4″ in diameter hand bells. The one on the left (brass bell) is a more contemporary bell that does not have a separate band around the handle but the shape is very similar to yours. The one on the right is much older and is made of bell metal. It does have the band around the bottom of the handle.

      I will close with this quote because it particularly pertains to your bell:

      “I value things not for what they are worth but for what they represent.”

      – Gabriel Garcia Marquez
      Winner of a Nobel Prize in Literature, 1982

      Good luck! Please let us know what you decide to do with your bell!


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      Hey Carolyn,

      Thank you so much for the info. THis bell does look alot like the handbell in your picture. Attached are 2 pictured of the clapper wire so you can see what is attaching it. THe bottom portion is made of wood, with a few metal washers in the middel, and the top screw is metal and has a hole straight through. Is this typical of handbells? I really know nothing about bells but I am always willing to learn new things!



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      I agree with Carolyn. This is a handbell. What is being used for a handle is the hardware that would fit inside the handle and has the cap that goes on the top of the handle. The metal bolt has been shortened and witll need to be replaced when you attach a new handle. If ypou cannot get a woodworker to machine a new handle on a lathe, you can try a hardware store for a wooden handle for a metal file that would make a good substitute.
      Harry Long, MD

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