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      My mom has a small collection of mission bells that we inherited. She wants to know if they are worth anything and how/where to go about selling them. I’m located in southern California if that helps. I don’t know what to look for on the bells, I believe they are made of bronze and dated 1810. Here are a couple pics, I can get more if needed. Thanks.

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      These are 20th century Mexican souvenir bells. They were designed to resemble the old Spanish Colonial mission bells only much smaller. On eBay they usually fetch around twenty to thirty dollars but sometimes don’t sell at all. Some sellers even try to pass them off as rare antiques.

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      If you go to the box at the top of the page that says “Search” in it, type in “Mexican”, and click on the word “search,” you’ll find links to all of the postings on the “Bell Talk” forum that talk about Mexican souvenir-type bells. It could make for some interesting reading and, possibly, you may be able to find answers to most of your questions.

      Carolyn (Admin)

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      Hi cglenn, This is a neat collection, so many Mexican souviner bells, would like to see them, I also live in SoCal, San Diego area. Have written much about these bells for ABA. They first appeared circa 1950, all are made in Mexico. They are worth what ever you can get for them. Would like to document them my email is maxk@cox.net Carolyn and lucky 13 have directed you to almost all the documentation. Max

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