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      Carolyn Whitlock

      In browsing through the New England Chapter Newsletter of May-June 1997, NECABA News, I found a brief write-up about the New England Collectors Society. I suspect there are others who might be interested in this information.


      The New England Collectors Society, West Haven, CT, was a division of Reed & Barton Silversmiths, “makers of fine products since 1924.” They sold many individual and series of bells as well as spoons, prints, statues, snow globes, thimbles and other items for the collector.

      I haven’t seen any information on their demise in print, so I thought I would report on my experience.

      On 1/13/97, I called their 1-800-654-5536 number to ask a question about some bells I had purchased a few years ago. A representative said they were out of business – someone would answer the phone for the “next couple of weeks or so and that will be that.” I called again a week later to double check. A different person verified the closure saying sales “were way down” and the company decided to close that division in January. Remaining employees were in the process of collecting balances owed, getting the books closed, filing records, etc.

      There was NO encouragement for collectors’ inquiries in the future as they did not expect much, if any, descriptive information to be kept on file.

      Marie Varian (ME)

      It appears, then, that the New England Collectors Society became defunct in January 1998.

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