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      Dear Fellow Collectors and Friends of ABA,

      you may not be aware of the fact that I officially published my three bell related books in recent weeks.

      1. P. Tereszczuk – Sculptor of Vienna Bronzes
      2. Collecting Push Bells
      3. Collecting Table Bells

      If you are interested you can get full information by visiting my web site (index 14).

      I hope that my latest initiative will induce other ABA members to make similar publications about their “great” collections. It would give all of us a chance to share and enjoy our common hobby.

      By the way is there a list available inside the ABA organization stating all available litterature on table bells and bell push buttons?

      Sample of latest book cover attached.

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      Carolyn Whitlock

      Hi, Manfred!

      Regarding your question:

      By the way is there a list available inside the ABA organization stating all available literature on table bells and bell push buttons?

      the answer is Yes! If you go to the main site (, and go down to the bottom of the menu list to where it says, “Bell Tower Directory” and click on it, a download will come up. This list has all the articles from The Bell Towers since the late 1970s. They are categorized. If you scroll down to the “T”s at the bottom of the list, you will see some articles about both kinds of bells. The list hasn’t been updated for a couple of years but you probably have those issues, anyway.

      The list is 30-something pages long for all the articles that have been printed in the Bell Towers since then. But, it is worth it for anyone who is researching bells to take a look at the list! The download will tell you how to get copies of these articles for the cost of copying and mailing.

      Happy hunting!

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      Hi, Carolyn!

      Thank you for your reply to my request for litterature on bells. What I am actually looking for are books or catalogues on bells and here especially those possibly written and published by ABA members about their own collections.

      In the following I give you a list of the books actually in my possession:

      1. The Collectors Book of Bells by E. Springer
      2. More collectible bells by Donna Baker
      3. About 10 booklets by Dorothy Malone Anthony
      4. Europäische Tischglocken by Anselm Lange
      5. Elektrische Tischklingeln by Anselm Lange
      6. Glocken by M. Schilling
      7. Several catalogues of bell auctions in recent years in Germany

      and of course my own books ……….

      There are probably OTHERS and therefore I hope that somebody in our community (reading this message) is able to facilitate such information.

      Many Bell Greetings from Germany

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      Today´s update of Bell Books

      Due to recent contacts I can now continue up-dating my listing of litterature on table bells and bell push buttons.

      8. Collectible Bells – Treasures of Sight and Sound – by Donna Baker
      9. World Bell collection by Jaetae, South Korea
      10. World Bell Collection – 2nd story – by Jaetae, South Korea
      11. Glass Bells by Al Trinidad
      12. Uhren – Glocken – Glockenspiele by Anton Lübke

      If more information comes in I shall keep up-dating this list hoping that gradually we can get more details of available bell litterature available world-wide. As mentioned previously I am interested especially in books and catalogues of collectors of table bells and push bell buttons but others like e.g. church bells, African tribal bells are also welcome.

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      Carolyn Whitlock

      Regarding books about bells, we have several postings about bell books on the ‘Bell Talk’ Forum. If you go up to the search box in the upper right hand part of this page and enter “Books About Bells”, you’ll find links to all the postings that mention books.

      Another tip to finding listings of books about bells is to do an Internet search for online used book stores. In the past, I have found to have a decent selection. is a good place to find used copies of Springer’s The Collectors Book of Bells for a very reasonable price. Of course there is I will say that the searches of these sites have all books with the word “bell” in the title so expect to have to look through lists of dozens of novels in order to find the actual books about bells.

      There is an ABA member in Vermont, Ben Koenig, who has a bookstore that has a large selection of bell books. Ben takes his books to ABA conventions and meetings from time to time. Check out his website:

      Happy Hunting!

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