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      I have recently returned from Barcelona where I picked up this bell.

      It is one of those that has the saying Vocem Meam Audi on it so I don’t think it’s very rare however I do have a couple of questions about it.

      Is there a way to determine the age of these type of bells? I looked around the piece, inside the bell, back of mounting bracket and don’t find anything.

      I’ve seen pictures of these bells mounted and most have been only with a screw or nail in the square holes on the bracket. Does anyone have an idea of the “proper” mounting bracket? To me it looks like it should be some sort of square/rectangle hooks.

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      Vrinner welcome!

      You are correct, there are many variations of this and if you search (upper right of the window) for the words, as an example, you will see a few listings of them on this site with more information.
      (such as: viewtopic.php?f=6&t=837)

      I won’t do a spoiler for your search but will say that the words translate out to “hear my voice” and it is basically a ‘doorbell’ for an office in it’s basic sense. There are other details that are interesting on this site about it too!

      The square holes allow for a number of different mountings, I’d use a wooden square ‘dowel’ (ie square house molding of that size) mounted to a back board. Just buy a small 1′ section (or less if they will let you!) from the local hardware, cut off about an inch or two and glue them to a small wooden piece (ie go to an art store like michaels for a wooden plaque of whatever shape/design you like) the appropriate amount apart. Friction and the slight tilt should keep it in place. Of course finish the piece with paint or stain, whatever matches where you are going to mount it!

      Sometimes you can date the piece by it’s construction or the design, but it would take a while and involve a lot of work. It’s pretty common though so you most likely have a more modern piece.

      Nice bell though!

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