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      I’m advising the Texas Parks Dept. re: restoring a historic CS Bell & Co. Bell. It needs a WHEEL; (maybe) a new I-Bolt assembly? (That attaches the Bell to the yoke); and a Clapper. I have emails out to a couple of places I was given but haven’t heard back yet.

      Also need tips on ‘freeing’ up the I-Bolt because it looks frozen. I don’t want to just start whacking with a hammer because I’m afraid the Bell might crack.

      Also please notice that one of the A-frame arms is cracked. I have a metal person who can probably fix it but it might be less expensive to locate a replacement.

      Right now the A-frame has been set into a concrete base in the past (probably because of the broken A-frame). So this Bell might have once has a foot-clapper system as well.

      any information would help.


      Above link to my Google drive folder that contains images of the Bell in its present condition.

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      Take a hacksaw and saw inbetween nut enough to get penetrating oil in. Do not cut the eye bolt.If you can get the pil in that place it might go in to the threads a little bit. You can use a torch and heat the nuts up and they will expand. Do not let the heat travel down the yoke.

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      Try Smiths Bells and Clocks….

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