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      I need help with this treasure I found. It is a bronze (I think) 4 layer bell with a wood base and no marks. Each bell makes a different tone. It stands approx 12″ tall and 8″ across base. The closest I could find was the older Sanctus or Communion Bells but all of those I’ve seen have 3 layers. I would like to know what type of bell it is, the approximate age and what would have been used to ring the bell. Thank you in advance!

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      Can’t help without at least one photo.

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        Sorry! I just realized my images didn’t upload. Here they are

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      It would have been rung with a small hand-held mallet with a wood or composition head.

      My best guess is that it might have been used as a dinner call bell in a mansion.

      It is possible that there might be maker’s marks on the inside of one or more of the bells; but it may not be possible to disassemble them. That depends on whether the center post is screwed or riveted into the base.

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      Thank you for your information. I have disassembled it (screw on) and the only “mark” is a black number 33 written in black on the inside of each layer. Would you have a guess as to the approximate age or value? And where could I find an appropriate mallet. or do those mallets have a name that I could search for?

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