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      Dr. Wilbur Ormond of Texas writes:

      Our church, First UMC church in Paint Rock, has a bell with the following characteristics: Solid Brass, 2 in. thick, 24 in. high, 34 in. diameter. Writing: Buckeye Bell Foundry, 1894 E. W. Van Duzen Co. Cincinnati, OH No other decoration Is there any history connected with this bell? Did it come from somewhere in Texas or directly from the foundry. I’ve checked the web, and it seems that any factory information was destroyed by a flood along with waterfront in the city. I guess that leaves us with any information from your members. Incidentally, could you estimate the weight of the bell? The supports have broken, and we’re trying to repair them, and the weight would be helpful to know. Thank you, members, for responding to us. Should you like to call by phone, our number is 325-456-6630. Blessings on you all.

      If you can help, please post a response.

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      Dr Ormond: The bronze bell alone weighs approximately 700 pounds. The other components (clapper assembly, yoke, wheel, tolling hammer (if bell is so equipped), A supports, and timber frame) weigh probably an additional 400 pounds. Repairs, for the sake of safety, should be done by professionals. Chances are if the present structure or any previous structure built by your congregation dates to the mid 1890’s that the bell is a “one owner”. Perhaps the church office still has an invoice or record of the purchase. Buckeye began in 1837 and by 1922 had cast 60,000 bells. All records were destroyed in the worst recorded Ohio River flood in Jan-Feb 1937. The foundry shut down around 1950. Also, Dr Long mentioned in a Jan 20, ’09 post the dangers lurking in belfries. I contracted histoplasmosis in a courthouse belfry in 1983 which required 2 weeks hospitalization and several months to recover, so be cautious.

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