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      I am looking for information regarding two bells I acquired from my grandmothers estate. One is a brass bell approx 9 1/2 in tall and 5 in across. Base is brass with wood handle w/brass tip. Inscription on base of bell says PROPERTY OF BRITISH RAIL LTD. No marking on inside of bell. Excellent shape.
      The second bell is approximately 6″tall and 2 3/4 wide. Also brass with wood handle with brass tip. The base has a leaf design on outside and inscription on inside says
      Bells of SARNA INDIA 916-1. any information would be helpful thanks.

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      Is it possible for you to post a photo of the British Rail bell? If you would like, I’ll add it to your posting if you can send it to me electronically. Please send it to

      The Sarna bell is a more common bell but if you would like to have me post a picture of that, I’d be glad to do that, too.

      Admin (Carolyn)

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      thanks for all your help.

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      I just purchased the exact same bell you described (the first one, Property British Rail Ltd.) and am wondering where to turn to find more information about it (i.e. how old it is, where it came from, etc.) The woman I bought it from said she bought it in a Pennsylvania antique store 30 years earlier.


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