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      Howdy all,

      I’m new to this sight, but I got a friend who has a #6 CS Bell bell and we are trying to find out info on it.
      I’ve searched all over the internet and haven’t found any info on this size. Soooooo, here’s our questions…
      Is it rare?
      How old is it?
      We were told it’s a school bell…but it seems to large for that. My thoughts are it came from an old fire house station. It measures 26″ across the center diameter and it’s about 2 1/2 feet tall. It’s tone is the key of around A. Definitely loud.
      I know what we paid for it….any ideas on value?[attachment=1:1f9ppe99]Tom’s Bell 001.jpg[/attachment:1f9ppe99][attachment=0:1f9ppe99]Tom’s Bell 002.jpg[/attachment:1f9ppe99]

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      You are thinking of the hand bell the teacher rang but many school houses also had a big bell in a roof belfry like a church. It could be heard a long distance and kids walking to school (or running) knew how long they had to get there before class began. According to my late grandfather who got paid fifty cents a week by the teacher to go in at 7, sweep the floor, wash the blackboard, build the fire in winter and ring the bell, it was rung half an hour prior and again 15 minutes prior. That was in the 1890’s. Usually this size bell is marked “26” indicating the diameter in inches but I’ve seen some marked with a single digit. Hillsboro bells are still fairly plentiful. Yours is a very nice one with no missing parts but not rare.

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      This site has a lot of postings about CS Bell foundry. Just enter “hillsboro” in the search (above right). Check your bell’s interior. Some CS bells bear the casting date but most do not.

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