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      Marvin C. of Minnesota writes:

      I have large bell with cradle. The number stamped on the bell is 1030. We are told it is a locomotive bell. We are interested in knowing the history of this bell. The bell is 17 inches on bottom,12 inches high to the bottom of the yolk. Number 1030 stamped at top of bell. There are some numbers on the bottom of the cradle but not sure of the numbers. It looks as if it could be mounted at the side or at the base. The bell is brass. We got this bell at a auction here in Park Rapids, MN. It is heavy.

      If you can help, please post a response.

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      It is a locomotive bell. I have one that looks very similar on a post in my front yard that came from the B & O RR. Since you bought it in Park Rapids, it is probably from a locomotive from a Minnesota railroad such as Burlington Northern or Great Western. It is late vintage steam WWI or later. The side mount is for a steam piston that would ring the bell rather than a lanyard although either could have been used. It is a beauty and has been refurbished well. It will tarnish if kept outdoors, although coating the polished bell with clear acrylic will delay corrosion.
      Harry Long, MD

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